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Christmas Day  Essay (History, Story, Celebration Date, Importance  Of Christmas Tree) Speech Quotes Slogans

Christmas Day Essay

  1. Introduction
  2. History  of Christmas
  3. Christmas Story
  4. Importance of Christmas tree
  5. Message Behind the Christmas Festival
  6. How Christmas is celebrated all over the world?
  7. New Celebration Ideas
  8. Goods and bads
  9. Conclusion


Celebrated on 25th December of every year, Christmas is a major holiday of the winter season. On this day the government offices, schools, colleges and training centers enjoy a holiday. In fact, it is the one holiday that people look forward to. On Christmas, people give each other gifts and a lot of preparation and enthusiasm surrounds this day. All of this is done because on this day, Jesus Christ is believed to be born. This is why it is also known as the Feast Day of the Christ.

 1Name Christmas Day
Another NameNoël, Nativity, Xmas, Yule
Worship Jesus Christ
SignificanceBirth day of Jesus Christ
Religion Christians
Celebration Date25 December
Celebration Frequency Annual
Celebration TypeTraditional
Kind of Cultural Festival
10 Date Type Fix

History of Christmas

Since Christmas is celebrated because Jesus Christ is believed to have been born on this date, the origin has many theories. There are many theories as to where Christmas originated from. Also the precise date of birth and the history of Jesus haven’t been well documented. Therefore, the history of this particular date is questioned.

Literally the word Christmas means “mass of Christ” and even though the date’s origin is not known completely, 25th of December is universally accepted as Christmas day. It is also believed that the Jewish Festival of Lights that is celebrated on the 25th of December is the reason why Christmas is celebrated on that day.

Christmas Story

Stories of Christmas date back to over 4000 years. There’s one such story of Mary and Joseph. Mary was a young girl from Nazareth, Israel, who was to be married to a Jewish carpenter named Joseph. Soon after Mary had been engaged, an Angel visited Mary in her dreams and told her that she had been chosen to bear the Son of God and that he was to be named Jesus.

So by a miracle, while Mary was yet to be married to Joseph, she miraculously got pregnant with the Son of God through the Holy Spirit. However, when Joseph came to know about this he became angry and upset. He thought Mary wasn’t speaking the truth about the incident. However an Angel visited Joseph in his dreams and verified that whatever she was telling was the truth. Hence, Joseph agreed to take Mary as his wife, despite a possible public disgrace.

Importance of Christmas tree

A Christmas without a decorated Christmas tree is unheard of. The fragrance of the Christmas tree and the spirit of it, is what holds the tradition altogether. It has different meanings for different people around the world. For the North Americans and Europeans, the Christmas tree is a symbol of the Christmas Season. This tree is particularly special during this time because during the winter season when all the trees have dried up, this tree remains green and alive.

People also like to add decorations to this tree which seems to have begun from Germany. However, the tree itself has many legends surrounding it. People usually choose the Christmas tree first and then go around choosing the decorations fit for it.

 Message Behind the Christmas Festival

According to various phrases from the Bible, the true meaning of Christmas is a celebration of love. The real meaning is that God loves the world so much that he sometimes takes Avatar into the planet to save humanity from several evils. This is why Jesus Christ came down from heaven to the Earth. Therefore the message behind Christmas is believed to be one of love – love for one’s family and for humanity as a whole. This is why during Christmas reunions occur, people who had lost contact, once again send each other greetings. The real spirit of Christmas is in the joy from spreading love.

How Christmas is celebrated all over the world?

  • India: Christmas in India is locally known as ‘Bada din’ or the Big day. Schools colleges and remain closed on this day and there is nationwide vacation mood. Also, the markets are filled with colorful trinkets to decorate the Christmas tree and of course Christmas Trees in all sizes are available.
  • Africa: In Africa Christmas begins with a march of carolers who walk to and fro across the streets. In the Christmas tree morning people are woken up to the carols. Families go out for celebration followed by a big dinner.
  • Japan: People of Japan like to celebrate Christmas by eating a ‘Christmas cake’. Christmas is mainly commercial in Japan. Many Japanese believe that Americans celebrate Christmas with a chicken dinner, thanks to the brilliant advertising of KFC.
  • America: There is a lot of traveling happening around the Christmas holidays. Due to the large cultural overlapping, there are many types of Christmas celebrations here.
  • South America: If Christmas is celebrated in a religious manner anywhere then it’d be here. Then again the different countries in South America have different ways of celebrating it.
  • Australia: The Australians love to sing carols and decorate the Christmas trees. They also decorate their homes with flowers and plants.

New Celebration Ideas

  • Volunteering: Since Christmas is about the spirit of celebrating love, why not show some love to the under privileged? There are many ways to do this: volunteer in soup kitchens, give Christmas gift cards or order special dinners. You can either do this by yourself or take the help of some NGOs, which might not always be feasible (since LA costs $100 just to participate).
  • Give gifts that are active: For example a gift that can be found through a game of clues – like a treasure hunt. If someone you know loves such things then they’d be pleased you gifted them the chase and not just the gift itself.
  • Take a look at your life: Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in some nostalgia. So make sure you take a look at your life and change what should be.

Good and bad

Christmas has lately been bashed for the commercialization – the excessive buying and receiving gifts has made this festival a tad bit consumerist. Under it, the real spirit of the Christmas has been lost somewhere, according to many.

On the other hand, Christmas is a major festival that reunites families. People travel across miles to be with their families for this occasion and this is what helps keep the spirit alive. The spirit of Christmas means forgiveness and compassion and still somewhere beyond the buying and receiving of gifts, that still seems to be alive.


Even though it looks like Christmas is being hogged by consumerism, there’s a ray of hope because as people mature they realize that the moments that really brought them happiness during Christmas were the ones when they spent time with their family or reunited with someone close to them.

Christmas has been bringing people closer since ages and it seems to fuel the propaganda of world peace, even if for a day. This is why it is one of the most important festivals of our time.


Speech On Christmas’ Day

Good Morning to the Principal, Teachers, my seniors and acquaintances. Today is the Day of Christmas which we will celebrate merrily with a cultural event very soon. The day is celebrated all across the world and it holds much importance since on this day the Christians believe Jesus Christ was born. Hence the 25th of December is a major religious and cultural event worldwide. This day has also been declared as a public holiday by the government in most countries.

People of all cultures and ethnicities celebrate this day in their own way. Even countries with mostly non Christian population like India and Japan are seen celebrating this day with decorations and gifts. It begins with Santa bringing gifts for children on the night before Christmas. This is why some children put their stockings under the Christmas tree to get the gifts from Santa. Several folklores have been passed on across cultures and generations and people, despite their religion and cultural background have embraced it.

25th of December is the ‘Feast Day’ of Jesus Christ. It is also the day when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. No matter what the religion, everyone looks forward to Christmas in the winter season. It has become a great festival of this season – one in which holidays and celebrations are looked forward to.

People start preparing for Christmas four weeks before the arrival of Christmas. It begins 4 Sundays before Christmas and is called the ‘Advent’. It ends on 6th January, that is, 12 days after the original Christmas day and is known as ‘Epiphany’. During this, the whole season is known as ‘Christmastide’ during which you can see people buying gifts for each other and the anticipation itself is a very great thing to experience during these four weeks.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Thank you.


Quotes & Slogans On Christmas Day

 “Dear brothers and sisters, the real love is the Savior’s love alone. Each December we call this the spirit of the Christmas. You can see it. You can hear it. You can feel it.” – Thomas S. Monson.


“Now the first and foremost lesson of Christmas is that we have to make believe that something exists in order to make it a reality” – Stephen Leacock


“The real treat of Christmas is to enjoy it with family and friends. The warmth of loved ones brings out the real essence of Christmas.”


 “Each year we feel the vibe of Christmas and it is nothing but the love of the Son of God. You can feel it around you. This love is pure love.” – Thomas S. Monson.


“The mess you find in your home on the Christmas morning is one of the most precious messes ever. You will not want to clean it up too quickly.”


“Christmas isn’t something that your celebrate – it is something that you find within yourself”


“The Spirit of Christmas is nothing but love, love and love in action. The act of giving, of caring, of pushing forward is the true act of Christmas!”


“A mind that is free of worries is a continual Christmas”


“Christmas is a single day with many memories, that cannot be wiped out of eternity”


“I love Christmas because it has a certain warmth and even though it is Winter, you feel the warmest inside because your family and friends are beside you.”

“Christmas is about believing in the impossible and seriously expecting miracles to happen in your life”


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Personal Narrative- Most Memorable Christmas

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Personal Narrative- Most Memorable Christmas

Ever since I could remember, I have spent Christmas at my grandmother’s house, a house which is full of comfort, warmth, and happiness. At Christmas, I have always been able to escape the cold and dark real world allowing myself to truly enjoy just several moments in time. These moments have left impressionable memories from my childhood making Christmas a holiday that is special to me and my family. It is a time for my family to get together, share stories, laugh, and even cry.

My most memorable Christmas is one from my past. I was about six years old. I clearly remember sitting in class on the last day of school before Christmas vacation anticipating the bell to ring and signify that the classes were finally over. As the bell rang, I ran out of that class, and once I got home I was ready in an instant to leave for my grandmother’s where I would spend my holidays. It was a two hour drive to my grandmother’s house. I was very impatient throughout the entire drive. I couldn’t wait to see my grandma, my cousin, and my aunts. To make things better, however, snow started to fall filling me with hopes of a snowball fight the next day.

Finally, we arrived at our destination. I left the car leaving my parents and little brother behind and ran up the steps to my grandma’s house. I just had to be the first one to knock on her door, so I did. She opened the door for me, and I went inside parting with the bitter cold and darkness surrounding me. Inside the house I was immediately encircled with the aromas of her Christmas cooking and baking. A real fresh Christmas tree which was already beautifully adorned with old family ornaments perforated the air with more holiday aromas. I went into the kitchen with my mom, and together we helped my grandma finish preparing the Christmas Eve dinner.

Soon, we all sat around the dinner table enjoying my grandma’s culinary specialties. There was one dish that had stuck in my mind though, possibly because it was the last dish served that night.

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The dessert was pears in hot chocolate and it was delicious. I can still taste the sweetness of the pear and the way the chocolate melted at the tip of my tongue. It was a perfect way to end the evening meal. As I prepared to go to midnight mass with my family that evening, I knew the next day would be even better for it was Christmas, the most magical time of the year.


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