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It is really bad and shame on GM to have a complaint from customer for more than 17 months without resolving the issue that have found in the vehicle. It is kind of stealing people time and health. And I can say it is kind of procrastination to make the product out of warranty and forcing the customer to pay the price of faked warranty. I've already lost my time with the dealer without having minimum profit. I tried to explain for GM that I've got troubles with my Malibu 2012, but unfortunately they didn't consider it as a serious issue. Staff in GM has only the ability to ask the customer to take the vehicle to the dealer for service and checks, but they don't have the ability of sending a professional expert for diagnosing electrical and mechanical problems and find the suitable solutions.

I know many Malibu owners who have same troubles with their vehicles, but they really get upset from the dealer and from products that come through GM. They don't want to waste their time within leader border or waiting a weak respond from GM. This lead customer to do service in other service centers that can be trusted more than GM service centers and more cheaper.

For my personal issue, I went to the main service center for Chevrolet to do normal service and a check for engine light is on. Staff told me that they rectified the error. After about 50 km only, Engine light came back again, and then I took the vehicle to another service branch that belongs to GM/Dealer. Technician remove intake camshaft sensor on Engine, cleaned it by spray and air, and then put it back again. We went for road test to confirm that issue has gone. At that time no engine light comes on. After two hours Engine Light came back again. At this moment Dealer ask me to pay for checking and repairing. Where is the hell of warranty? It went immediately after the Gauge turns 100000 km (strategy of stealing customer money).

I went to check the noise that comes from the wheels while driving. After road test and changing tire positions, they (dealer workshop) accuse the type of tires as it is the source of the noise. I checked my Malibu on my own. The Tech. informed me that the noise comes from the bearing that in long time the noise will increase and it will be necessary replaced by a new one. Surely, that result comes after several tests. I checked my Malibu on my own with electrician and he found that it has shortage in current in which causing flickering in lights and some movement issue. Light flickering is an issue that couldn't be solved by GM dealers. I'll be happy if this message will be forwarded to the Regional Director of General Motors. Where I can find the truth and who is responsible about such trouble?

This is a customer has Chevrolet Malibu LTZ 2012. I got several troubles in different times. First I faced trouble in the A/C and it is solved. Recently it shows bad performance so I need to restart the engine. Then I found trouble in the touch button of the screen, and after complaint the dealer replaced the whole unit. After some time I notice that the vehicle has slow respond when I press on the accelerator to take off again if I reduce speed or if I want to increase it. The other problem is the flickering in the cabin lights that can be distinguished well and it can indicate that there is another problem in the vehicle, and unfortunately the dealer or GM couldn't solve this issue from long time.

Last situation that I face with such model is that the engine shut off suddenly after it vibrate in strange way and the light of the check engine is turn on. After starting engine again there is a huge consumption of fuel and the smell of fuel is too much. I would like from you to give me the good way to solve such troubles. I was with contact with the GM to solve this troubles but I didn't get the suitable solutions that eliminate the whole problems.

Troubles in list: Engine shut off suddenly on the road without any previous announcement. Slow respond from accelerator when need to speed up. Flickering in lights. Delay in the displayed timing. A/C components make noise and not cooling efficiently. Front Pumper in not fixed properly, so it starts tears slowly. Noise comes from bearing, and it increases with time. Dealer is not qualified to handle such products. Expensive spare parts. RECOMMENDATION: It is advised not buy GM products. If you buy a new product (car) means that you want to get relax with using it for at least 5 years without complaining or repairing. But with GM products, you will lose your time and money and nobody form GM will consider or respect that. I think it is time to let all people know about the fact of GM.

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What are Breakdowns?
Breakdowns are complete synopses of the characters contained within scripts for episodics, pilots, feature films, commercials, print projects, theater, and many other types of projects that require acting talent. Breakdowns approved for release are sent out in real-time through our websites at and

Who can receive Breakdowns?
Actors and Talent Representatives.  Licensed Talent agencies receive Breakdowns throughout North America. Personal managers in Los Angeles and New York can also subscribe to Breakdown Services.  Actors can get Breakdowns through Actors Access only. Casting Directors determine who can receive their projects.

How do I contact Breakdown Services?
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What is the difference between releasing a project to Actors Access vs. releasing a project to Breakdown Express?
When you choose to post your project to Actors Access the Breakdown is visible to actors and you will receive submissions directly from them. Releasing your project to Breakdown Express allows talent representatives such as Agents or Managers to view and submit their clients to your project.

How long does it take to release a Breakdown?
All Breakdowns are reviewed and approved for quality assurance. The time it takes to post depends on pay rate, union status, and other variables within the Breakdown. However, most will post the same day.

How do I contact the actors interested in my project?
On Breakdown Express, you can easily schedule actors for auditions and send out appointment times. You can also request self tape auditions using the Eco Cast tool. Or, you can send basic messages to the actors and/or their representatives through our CMail messaging system.

Are there tutorials to learn how to best use Breakdown Express?
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