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Essay on Group Leadership and Conflict Summary

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Group Leadership and Conflict Summary
July 27, 2015
Robert Holland

Group Leadership and Conflict Summary
In this week’s assignment we as a group, were to watch the two videos “Planning a Playground” and “Politics of Sociology”, discuss them as a group and write a summary. Being that this is my first online class that I have had to work with a group in I was very nervous about it. When doing discussions online, without prior physically meeting and getting to know one another, things can always take a turn that is not intended or needed. My team/group was great! Not only was the intent of our discussion clear but I also liked how we all posed questions within our discussions that made you really think. We challenged and…show more content…

I will also extend the communication by reaching out through email, text or private messaging. Some may look at it as going out the way, that this is making it easy for those who are lacking. This very well could be true but as team we are to hold one another up and be held accountable as a team. We should try and do our best not to let a member fall. In some cases there is nothing we can do, but when we can, we must.
Our fist discussion was regarding the video “Planning a Playground”. The group in this video was discussing planning for a playground, what it would cost to put it up and how they could raise the money. I liked how this group communicated effectively an overall worked together. I picked up on some nervousness but that was mainly because they were meeting for the first time. The only issue that I could see off top was at some points some of the members would cut off the member that was speaking. I don’t feel that it was intentional or malicious but to communicate effectively you need to let others speak until their done so that you completely understand what is being said. In most cases this is how things are misunderstood because you only take from the part you hear or stopped them from saying. I identified constructive conflict occurring in this group. Constructive conflict is when behaviors help to build relationships, when you are able to manage your emotions and accept and resolve responses. It’s when you have task-completion,

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SOC 110 Week 4ParticipationTeam Speak: How To Ask Positive QuestionsWatchand discuss "Team Speak: How To Ask Positive Questions" on this week's Electronic Reserve Readings page.What are examples of positive questions you can ask while working on a team project at school or at work?Discussand respond to your peers.Respond1:A few examples of positive questions would be, what can each one of us contribute tothis project? After going around to see what everyone says, I would then ask what arepros and cons to the idea? Is this an efficient way of doing it or is there another way?How can we work smarter and not harder? I would want to make sure nobody ideas arebeing shot down but yet still encouraged to think of more way to make it work.Discouraging team members won't allow them to feel comfortable around everyone andthem to be outspoken with the group. We want everyone to chime in by putting thoughtstogether. Having as much interaction with the group is progress.Respond2:This video does a nice job of explaining positive questions. Keeping communicationcoming from a positive stand point can avoid conflict that may occur because of peopleasking questions in a negative way. This discusses the three aspects of how to ask apositive question. Which are: Inflection of voice, Phrasing of your question, and Timing ofyour question. I have found that in the my professional capacity, I use questions like,"What do you think?" or "Do you have any suggestions?". I also ask "How do you thinkwe should approach this situation?" That generally puts the person at ease and at thesame time they become part of the solution.Respond3:Team,In the video i have found it to be very helpful. Positive Questions can help keep communication at a positive stand point and avoid any kind of conFict that may occur because questions might be asked in a negative way. I have learned three di±erent aspects of how to ask a positive question. Which are: InFection of voice, Phrasing of your question, and Time of your question. Some positive ways to ask a question are: "How can we do this?" "Is there a better way to do this?". These kinds of positive questions can help communication in the workplace.


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