Imperialism In American Essay Format

America And Imperialism

Starting from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, the US was involved in wars outside its territories and boarders. These series of wars and military interventions led to the gaining of control of some new territories. Hawaii was one of the new territories. Besides, the-the United States was increasingly gaining control, both economically and politically in some of the other countries especially Cuba. During this era of American Imperialism, there were some factors that drove the ideas especially the Social Darwinism and also Manifest Destiny. During this time, the United States with the great control as well as influence outside its territories became a super power. However, it came with a cost since it made a lot of enemies in the process of the wars and military interventions.

The Beliefs that Drove America into Imperialism

The Americans were strong believers and supporters of Manifest Destiny Idea. This was the Idea that God had destined the expansion the Unites States as well as the spread of democracy in the nation and outside the borders. This, therefore, motivated the wars that led to the seizure of Mexican territories. They viewed the acts as morally right. Still, they saw themselves better compared to the Europeans since they were only taking control of their neighbors and not far away countries. Most of the Americans held the belief that the United States was a nation that was chosen by God for prosperity. They viewed themselves as the nation that would lead the rest of the world to redemption. When they conquered and governed nations, they justified themselves using these ideas. Social Darwinism is another theory that encouraged Imperialism in The United States. They used to it to dominate the races that they considered to be less-evolved. These beliefs also led to the creation of a colonial empire in the United States, which made it simpler and easier for the Americans dominate others. At the same time, they believed that they were spreading both democracy and civilization. While doing this, they got a great deal of influence and also expanded and accessed international markets better.

Effects of American Imperialism

Since the United States was making new allies internationally, through assisting in military interventions, they were largely in control. Also, their penetration and expansion into international markets was vital in making it a World Power. The nation had an empire of its own, suppressing other nations and considering themselves superiors. However, even in the home country, some people were against the imperialism.

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