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Telemarketer Cover Letter

A telemarketer cover letter will help you make a career as a telemarketer. The work is not that hectic but the salary is good. Telemarketer's job is simple; they have to make calls to potential clients and sell them products and services of their company.

Telemarketers are a part of the sales department. They make sales over the telephone. They have a list of phone numbers and they make calls to them and try to sell their products. Though, it may sound quite easy, they too have to put in effort in their work. Convincing someone over the phone to buy products and part with hard earned money is not an easy task. They have to be quite convincing and well read on the product they are selling.

Another hassle they have to deal with is rude customers. Some customers do not appreciate you calling them in homes or in offices. Hence, they can be rude at times or may even complain about you. Your job is not to get fazed by and continue with the marketing. This is a great profession if you like to talk and interact with new people. You may even make some friends and real good customers if they are satisfied with the product you sell them.

Owing to outsourcing, there has been a lot of competition in this field. Therefore, a cover letter sent to the interviewer beforehand could turn out to be the right move. It is advantageous for you if you are being referred by someone, but if you do not know anyone, this letter can be your reference. To write the telemarketer cover letter, look through the sample that is given below.

Guidelines for telemarketer cover letter

  • Try and make this cover letter different from most cover letters, play around with format, but do write the important points like address and contact details
  • Mention where you worked previously. In the profession of telemarketer, there is scope to join a company similar to the one you have worked previously
  • Since telemarketing is about sales, they have targets. Mention your success with achieving sales because they matter most in this profession
  • State the added advantages you would bring to the telemarketer job and ask for an interview

A different type of cover letter sample is provided with the instructions given above. It will help to understand how to make your own cover letter.

Sample Telemarketer Cover Letter

Hal Kent
73, Sandy Drive
Fresno, California, USA
(028) 778 7372
(888) 574 0384

Sheldon Cain
Human Resources
Abs Striker Ltd.
83, Tread Road
Fresno, California, USA

Dear Mr. Cain,

I have been working as a telemarketer for the past two years and only recently left my job at Tread cycle Inc. in search of better avenues; and what can be better than your company Abs Stiker Ltd. I am well aware of the popularity of your exercise product as my previous employers too worked in the same business.

I worked as a senior telemarketer in Treadcycle Inc. My main job was to sell their various fitness products to potential clients. I have deep knowledge about fitness products. I managed to sell many products and always achieved my monthly targets. I also received many sales awards in my company.

I had made a good database of customers who always brought fitness products from me. Another reason for my success is selling products in bulk. I managed to contact people who bought products in bulk. I would bring the same sales strategy to your company, and being from the same field of work, you would not have to provide me any training.

My home phone number is (028) 778 7372 and personal cell phone number is (888) 574 0384. Also, feel free to contact me on my email id Please give an opportunity to meet you in person for the position of telemarketer. I would appreciate the opportunity. Thank you.

Sincere regards,
Hal Kent


  • Photocopy of resume
  • Photocopy of experience letter
  • Photocopy of certificates received at work

The telemarketer cover letter given above covers all the aspects a good cover letter should talk about the profession. The cover letter is read before the resume, hence t is important that you state a few things about yourself that will build you up to the reader and then the resume should validate all that you say in the letter.

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National Telesales Representative Cover Letter Sample

A national telesales representative cover letter sample is provided here to show how a job applicant can find work doing telephone marketing and sales. National telesales representative cover letters should indicate the job seekers' knowledge and experience and be specific about their ability to do the required tasks.

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Frank Kirkpatrick
706 Beach Street
Bay View, USA 33333
[email protected]

November 1, 20--

Mr. Lowell Olson
Hiring Manager
National Health Aids
450 Cedar Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Olson:

This week I am writing cover letters seeking new employment as a national telesales representative. With four years of experience in telephone sales I believe I'm well qualified to fill one of the two openings at your company for national telesales representatives.

My background in sales and marketing while employed by Beacon Department Store in Big City has provided me with the skill and experience to generate leads and to close sales by phone.

If you'd like to meet with me to discuss this position, please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 to select a time. Thank you for reading my cover letter and resume. I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.


Frank Kirkpatrick


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