Short Essay On A Visit To A Hospital

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A visit to a hospital

            A visit to a hospital does not give us any kind of pleasure. It leaves a depressing effect on one who visits it. A hospital is the home for the sick and the suffering. Last Sunday, I happened to visit the local Civil Hospital. My friend, Santos had met with an accident. He had got a head injury. His left leg had also been fractured. I had earlier visited him twice. But my first two visits were brief. This time, I had decided to see all the wards and rooms. I therefore, had a general round of the hospital.

            The main building of the hospital was neat and clean. The rooms were airy and well ventilated. On my left was the enquiry room. A lady receptionist was on duty there. There was a small medical store adjacent to it. Then I saw the casualty room. Here all cases of emergency were attended upon. A young man was brought on a stretcher. His shirt and trousers were covered with blood. He had met with an accident.

            As I went further, I saw separate wards for different kinds of diseases. One was the E.N.T. department. Here disease of eye, nose and throat were attended to. The other was orthopedic department. Here all cases of bone fracture were attended to. A small child was crying. His right leg was plastered.

            As I entered the heart of the building, I saw scores of people lying in their beds. It was the general ward. All the patients looked pale and sad. I was sad to see the suffering patients. Neatly dressed nurses and the doctors were doing their job. There was silence and gloom everywhere. The hospital presented a cheerless sight. As I came out of the hospital. I heaved a sigh of relief.


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A Visit to a Hospital

For a seriously ill patient, a hospital presents the idea of both heaven and hell. When death stares him in the face, he feels that his life might be saved in the hospital. At the same time, he is afraid of the various tests and painful treatments and administration of drugs through which he might have to pass and, he knows that the results are not always positive. A little negligence on the part of a doctor or a little reaction caused by a drug can make the situation most dangerous and sometimes irreversible.

Last Sunday, I had to visit the local Civil Hospital. It was because my friend, Mohit, had been admitted there for about a week. He had a road accident and I thank God that his life was saved by the worthy doctors and surgeons there.

As I entered the hospital, I felt a bit saddened as I saw some women crying loudly. They were bewailing the death of a near and dear one.

It was visiting time and I went straight to the surgical ward where Mohit had been admitted. I remembered that his room number and both bed number were 6 which he had often told me was a lucky number for him. His mother had told me about his room and bed number and I wondered how Mohit had been lucky in having this number when he had to visit the hospital. But then I remembered the old saying that whatever God does, he does for our good and I thought that perhaps it was on that bed in that room that his life had been saved when he had met such a horrible road accident.

I saw both the right leg and arm of my friend plastered. His head was rounded with white bandages on which spots of red blood and brown and yellow medicines were quite visible as we see in pictures.

He looked like a ghost and jumped from his bed as he saw me. I was glad that he had recovered to the extent of jumping in bed. I gave him a few illustrated magazines and he was happy. I told him several humorous stories and titbits.

As the visiting time was over, the nurse on duty asked me to leave to room immediately. I got up reluctantly but promising Mohit to visit him again till his stay in the hospital.

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368 words essay on A Visit to a Hospital (free to read). A hospital is not much of a place worth- visiting. But sometimes circumstances force us to do so.

It so happened with me last week. One of my friends had been admitted there. He had been suffering from some infection. The private doctors could not treat him properly.

As I reached the hospital, I found a great rush of visitors whose relatives had been admitted there for one or the other ailment. Every ward was overcrowded. Pri­vate rooms were all occupied. My friend was in the general ward, which was badly con­gested.

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Fortunately, I found that my friend had almost recovered and would be discharged in a day or two. He was now allowed to take all kinds of food. He was all praise for the doctors, nurses and ward boys for their conscientious and amiable treatment. He told me that even the duty of the para­medical staff was very hard. They had to stand on their toes to look after the patients.

I came to know that the condition of some patients was critical. Inspire of the best efforts of the doctors, their condition was deteriorating. Either their diseases were too well-trenched and they had reached the hospital too late or they were too old to stand even the best treatment. Vital organs of some of them had been partially or com­pletely destroyed. Soon one of the patients expired. There were heart-rending cries from the relatives. The doctors and the nurses, who had been rushing to and fro, now were motionless and looked morose.

Soon a loud noise was heard outside. The passengers who had received serious injuries in a road accident had arrived in the Emergency ward. Two of the patients breathed their last immediately on reaching the hospital. There were ten others who were in a critical condition. They needed blood promptly. Some volunteers came forward. I also donated blood for them. I had been feeling very sad. But, I felt somewhat relieved on this small good act. Although Thomas Hardy has called life: “A dim vast vale of tears,” yet we can mitigate this misery to some extent through small sacrifices and selfless good deeds. I returned home in a contemplative but satisfied mood.


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