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Mini frameworks

Mini framework No.1: External & Internal

This is one of the most popular mini-frameworks out there! When you need instant structure or when you are not sure which approach to use, breaking down factors into external and internal groups is a good place to start. The “internal” often refers to the company itself, but sometimes it can refer to an individual, a department, or any entity. The “external” then refers to anything outside of that entity.

Mini framework No.2: Qualitative & Quantitative

Though it can be widely used in various contexts for instant structure, this framework is particularly good for structuring reasons and evaluations. For example, in an M&A analysis, you have to evaluate the stand-alone value of the targeted company. How are you going to structure your analysis? A very good way to do that is dividing your work into two groups. You first look at quantitative factors like profit, growth rate, debt ratio, etc. Then on top of those are the qualitative factors such as brand name, human resources, strategic position, etc.

Mini framework No.3: Cost & Benefit

Like other mini-frameworks, this one can be applied in many different contexts. However, the Cost & Benefit framework is particularly helpful in decision making.

Mini-framework No.4: BCG 2×2 framework

Let’s say we have 5 business lines, and we would like to focus on just a few of them based on 2 factors: how profitable they are and how much intangible benefit they are creating for the company. We would then draw a “scatter-plot-like diagram“.

First, we put the two evaluating factors on two axes. Then we give it a scale and place 5 business lines onto it. Now the picture hopefully gives us a better idea on how we should approach these 5 lines. Sometimes, even before placing the 5 dots into the plot, we can identify up front the nature of the four areas. The top-right corner can be called super-star. The bottom-left corner is consider closing. The top-left corner is for lines to focus in capital-constrained periods while the bottom-right corner contains lines only kept for socially-focused and financially-sound companies.

If you are new to Consulting Case Interview Prep, these concepts can be difficult and confusing. It is very important to be patient and try to get a little better at this every day. Everything is hard until you know how to do it! If you wish to look at examples of real cases and how different frameworks are used, you are encouraged to join me and thousands of other candidates around the world in our Case Interview End-to-end Secrets Program. I hope to see you there!

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