Bf3 Dpv Jeep Assignment

The Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV), is a high-speed, lightly-armored sandrail-like vehicle built during the Persian Gulf War in 1991 by Chenowth Racing Products, Inc. that appears in Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 2Edit

Desert Patrol Vehicle


2 machine-gunners
(3 total)

Reload time

6.666 seconds (in-game file)


Desert tan



The Desert Patrol Vehicle is one of the 2 light vehicles operated by the United States Marine Corps and the European Union, the other one being the HMMWV. Its counterparts are the FAV (direct counterpart), which is operated by both the PLA and the MEC, the AIL Raider used by the SAS and US Navy SEALs, and the Technical used by the Rebels, Insurgents, MECSF, US Navy SEALs, SAS and Spetsnaz.

The DPV can carry 3 passengers: the driver who control the vehicle, the primary machinegunner who control the M2HB, and the secondary machinegunner who man the M249 SAW. Compared to the FAV, the DPV is at a disadvantage since even though both have identical speed and acceleration stats, the HMG turret on the DPV only has a 180-degree firing arc as opposed to the FAV's 360-degree firing arc. This combine with its low armor make the vehicle extremely vulnerable to attacks from the rear.

The vehicle should be used for its intended purpose - a fast land transport to get around the map quickly, and to make high speed dashes to capture control points or slip behind enemy lines - as it is very susceptible to damage from small arms and machine gun fire. Heavy weapons can easily make short work of a DPV, and drivers should always keep away from heavy armor.

Battlefield 2: Modern CombatEdit

The DPV is a light vehicle used by both NATO in the singleplayer and the United States Marine Corps in the multiplayer.

In singleplayer, the DPV appears in the mission Hotel Alpha as the default vehicle the player can use to get around the level.

In multiplayer, it appears as one of two main light vehicles used by the USMC, the other being the HMMWV. Its counterpart is the MEC/PLAFAV.


Battlefield Play4FreeEdit



  • Close range 23-23
  • Medium range 20-20
  • Long range 17-17

Fire mode

Fully automatic

Primary weapon

Passenger's Kit

The LSV makes a return appearance in Battlefield Play4Free. It appears on the map Oman when the A flag is under US control, and can also be found scattered about the map.

It is the fastest vehicle in the game. It is identical in performance to the Russian FAV, and can be used to traverse Oman very quickly. The LSV can be destroyed by a single tank shot or rocket from a Stationary AT or an Engineer's RPG-7, so players driving the vehicle will want to avoid heavy armor fights as much as possible. The mounted M2 Browning on top does not allow the operator to crouch, leaving them fairly exposed to enemy fire.

Unlike in previous titles. the passenger seat player is allowed to use their weapons. This can potentially make the LSV a hit-and run anti-tank vehicle if an Engineer passenger uses their Tracer Dart Gun to lock on to a vehicle and then fires their RPG at it. This could also work well for a mine-laying vehicle to pester enemy armor, as the passenger could drop mines about as the driver goes around the map.

Along with new weapons and maps, Battlefield 3's Back to Karkand DLC introduces a new feature called "Assignments".  Battlefield 3 assignments which are new with the Back to Karkand expansion are objective-based tasks you perform to earn rewards.

Back to Karkand includes ten new assignments – 2 for each class and 2 for All Kits).  Each assignment you complete rewards you with one of the 10 new weapons that appear in the latest expansion.

Below is the full list of the Battlefield 3 Assignments that you need to complete to unlock all ten Back to Karkand weapons, including what objective you need to fulfill to completed it.


  • Best Friends Forever – unlocks the FAMAS
  • Professional Russian – unlocks the L85A2
    • 200 kills with Assault Rifles
    • 20 kills with underbarrel grenade launcher
    • Win 5 rounds of Squad Deathmatch


  • Fixing It – unlocks the HK53
    • 10 Repairs
    • Kill 1 enemy with Repair torch
  • It goes Boom! – unlocks the QBZ-95B
    • 50 AT Rocket kills
    • Destroy 1 enemy vehicle with Repair torch
    • Win 5 rounds of conquest


  • Let it Rain – unlocks the QBB-95
    • 20 kills with LMGs
    • 2 Mortar kills
  • Keep your Head Down – unlocks the MG36
    • 100 Kills with LMGs
    • 50 Suppression assists
    • 50 Ammo resupplies


  • Specops – unlocks the QBU-88 (Type 88 Sniper)
    • 20 kills with sniper rifles
    • 5 laser designations
  • Creeping Death – unlocks the L96A1
    • 50 Headshots (this doesn't specify with sniper rifles)
    • 50 Spot assists
    • 5 Knife takedowns

All Kits

  • Familiar Territory – unlocks the QBB-95
    • Arm 10 Mcoms
    • Capture 10 flags
    • Play 2 hours of Karkand
  • Scarred Veteran – unlocks the MK3A1 Jackhammer
    • 10 Kills with PP19
    • 5 Kills in DPV Jeep
    • 10 Kills in BTR-90 IFV
    • 2 hours of Sharqi
    • 2 hours of Gulf of Oman

Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand is already available for PS3, and is slated to release for Xbox 360 and PC tomorrow, December 13th.



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