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For many years, my Web site has been focused on helping students improve their listening, vocabulary, speaking, writing, and thinking skills through a variety of exercises and activities.

I have developed several activities that can help reinforce and recycle all of the other language skills in a unified manner around common topics. In other words, the vocabulary and language found in each listening conversation is used and recycled in the grammar exercises leading to better understanding, use, and retention.

Furthermore, quality language activities shouldn't just test something; they should teach and help students make connections between what they are learning in the classroom and in real life. Therefore, I try to make the explanations simple and easy to understand. They are not designed to take the place of a textbook or language class, but they can serve as follow-up activities or supplementary material to expand upon what has been learned.

Here are some examples:

Here is a list of future grammar lessons that I may develop over time. Each title indicates the grammar point with the theme of the lesson in (parentheses):

    1. Adjective Clauses with That and Who (Job Hunting)
    2. Adjective Phrases (Personality Types)
    3. Advanced Conditionals (Traffic Ticket)
    4. Adverb Clauses and Phrases
    5. Adjective Order (Apartments for Rent)
    6. Any/Some - Quantifiers (Grocery Shopping)
    7. Articles (Bookstore Shopping)
    8. Basic Adjectives (Great Apartment Living)
    9. Comparatives (A Greener World, Job Hunting)
    10. Count and Non-Count Nouns (Restaurant Cuisine)
    11. Direct and Indirect Speech
    12. Enough, Very, So, and Such (Driving Road Test, Clothing Styles)
    13. Future in the Past (Healthy Lifestyle and Foods)
    14. Future Perfect (Computer Sales)
    15. Future Perfect Progressive
    16. Future Real Conditional (English Language Center)
    17. Gerunds (Language Learning)
    18. Infinitives
    19. Mixed Conditionals
    20. Modals of Ability (can, be able to, could) (Cooking Recipes)
    21. Modals of Future Possibility (College Majors)
    22. Modals of Past Obligation and/or Regret (Wedding Anniversary)
    23. Modals of Present Obligation or Advice (Credit Cards and Money)
    24. Modals of Past Possibility (Security Systems)
    25. Modals of Present Possibility (Online Medical Advice)
    26. Modifiers (Our Aging Society)
    27. Noun Clauses and Phrases
    28. Passive
    29. Passive Causative (Hair Styles - Just a Hair Cut)
    30. Passive with Modals (Home Repairs)
    31. Past Perfect (Vacation Travel)
    32. Past Real Conditional
    33. Past Unreal Conditional (Making Money)
    34. Phrasal Verbs
    35. Prefer and Rather (Camping and Recreation)
    36. Prepositions + ing (excited about . . .)
    37. Prepositions of Location (in, at, on)
    38. Prepositions of Time (Daily Schedules)
    39. Present Real Conditional (A Healthy Lifestyle)
    40. Present Unreal Conditional (Raising Successful Children)
    41. Pronouns - Subject, object, and possessive (Apartments for Rent)
    42. Quantifiers (Movie Show Times and Movie Reviews)
    43. Quantifiers (Vacation Plans)
    44. Reported Passive (World News Stories)
    45. Simple Past - Irregular Verbs (Apartments for Rent)
    46. Stative Passive (Describing Your Country)
    47. Subjunctive
    48. Superlatives (Friday's Weather Forecast)
    49. Used To . . . (Sports and Hobbies)
    50. Wish and Hope (Plane Travel)
After you complete this demo, please take my survey that can help me improve the design and content. Please contact me if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions regarding this ongoing project.

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Yozininapassing CATW test0Oct 8 2012, 10:11 AM EDT by Yozinina
Thread started: Oct 8 2012, 10:11 AM EDT  Watch
i am trying many times the CATW test, how ever i don't pass it please if you have any advice to pass it.
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jbelknapkeyboard skills0Sep 27 2010, 10:08 AM EDT by jbelknap
Thread started: Sep 27 2010, 10:08 AM EDT  Watch

There is a website called Typing Master that offers a free demonstration download that is quite good. Also, if you want to practice your keyboard skills, come to the ESL Lab in room S500 in the LRC!!
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Dainatohii!!0Sep 19 2010, 11:57 AM EDT by Dainato
Thread started: Sep 19 2010, 11:57 AM EDT  Watch
hey there guys...i hear about alink where you can go and practice your keyboarding skills but idk where it is..can someone tell me??plz
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