Hca 270 Week 2 Assignment Contractual Allowances Grouping

The Chihuahuas



Tommy Calloway - Executive Producer, Writer, Actor, Music, Sound Design, Graphics, Video Editing, Animation

George “the” Bastard - Actor, Writer, Script Wrangler

Drew McDermott - Actor, Writer, Graphics

Adam Meier - Actor, Writer, Web Design, Graphic Design

Wyman Tannehill - Camera Work, Film Direction, Film Editing, Actor

Dickie “Ricardo” Davis - Light and Sound Operation



Gone but never forgotten, these folks will always be a part of the Feral Chihuahuas legacy and lore.

Andrew McCammon

Sarah Erickson

Katie Baker

Jay Becknell (Founder)

Elizabeth Taylor (Founder)

Sarah Bellino

Cameron Miller

John Moore

Jeremy Burgess

Richard Gays (Founder)

Rob Livingstone

Travis O'Guin

Jessamine Stone (Founder)

Samantha Lovelace

Chris Riddle

Henry Moore

Adam Arthur


HCA/270 Health Care Finance PART I - Contractual Allowance New Patient Physical Exam Code is 99385 . Established rate of $174. Column A Column B Column C Health Plan Payer Contracted Rate HAP $110.00 $64.00 Tricare $98.00 $76.00 HPM $142.95 $31.05 Medicaid $60.45 $113.55 Medicare $70.20 $103.80 BCN PPO $135.90 $38.10 BCBS $152.00 $22.00 Humana $112.00 $62.00 CCN $74.35 $99.65 Priority Health $128.25 $45.75 Background: Each health plan negotiates specific contracts with the physician or hospital. Each procedure code has an established rate and a contracted rate. Let's say that the established rate for the code 99214 is $84. The physician bills the insurance company $72 for the patient visit. The physician has a contract where it was agreed that the health plan would pay $45 for a patient visit. Therefore, the contractual allowance is the difference between the established rate of $84 and the agreed-upon amount of $45. Directions: Contractual allowances represent the difference between the full established procedure rate and the rate that will be paid to the physician practice based upon the agreed-upon contractural rate. For Part I of this assignment, assume that each payer listed below have negotiated a Managed Care contract with the physician. The physician has performed 10 new patient physicals, one for each payer, and will


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