Natural Science Grade 7 Assignment

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Classroom Activities

Title Grade Level Tags
A Bit of Engineering 5-8 activity, oceans
A Model of Three Faults 7-12 activity, dynamic planet
A Paste with a Taste 3-8 activity, materials, minerals, natural resources
Aggregates Matter 6-9 activity, aggregates, rocks
Analyzing Hurricanes Using Web and Desktop GIS 9-12 activity, weather
Are You a Water Waster? K-4 activity, water
Birdseed Mining 4-12 activity, rocks, materials, minerals, natural resources
Build a Rain Gauge 5-9 activity, rain, weather, rainfall, water, clouds
Build Your Own Weather Station 6-12 activity, weather
Burning Issues 5-8 activity, energy
Carbon Travels 5-12 activity, carbon, fossil fuels, rocks, carbon cycle
Celebrate Wilderness 5-12 activity
Chemistry of Burning 6-8 activity, energy, fossils
Chocolate Rock Cycle K-8 activity, rocks
Citizen Science K-12 activity, environment, observation, education
Climate and Temperature 5-8 activity, soil, climate, weather
Connect the Spheres 5-8 activity, earth, atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, Earth systems
Connecting With Nature 3-8 activity, climate, nature, soil, dynamic planet, wildlife
Conservation in Action 9-12 activity, dynamic planet, landforms, soil
Constructive Forces of Mountain Building 9-12 activity, mountains, internet, big ideas, tectonics
Cookie Mining 4-12 activity, rocks, materials, minerals, natural resources
Core Sampling 5-12 activity, natural resources, energy, dynamic planet
Cracked Plates & Tectonics 5-10 activity, tectonics, plates, oceans, earthquake, natural hazards, boundaries, continents
Critical Zone 9-12 activity
Cupcake Core Sampling K-4 activity, natural resources, energy


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