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And Then There Were None Essay “One of the most ingenious thrillers in many a day,” is just one of the great reviews of And Then There Were None. This book is the world’s bestselling mystery with over 100 million copies sold. Readers describe this book as bewildering, suspenseful, and thrilling. Agatha Christie’s mystery novel, And Then There Were None was an incredible book because of the suspicious setting, mysterious characters, and suspenseful plot. The suspicious setting of Soldier Island made readers cringe with fear. Ten people were brought to an island without meeting or knowing the host.

Soldier Island was very isolated. Stories and rumors were going around about who owned it. Vera Claythorne thought there was “something very sinister about it”. General Macarthur felt uneasy when he first landed at the island and called it a “damned odd sort of place. ” Soldier Island added to the deviousness of the plot. Without interesting characters, a book is dull. The mysterious characters in And Then There Were None gave the book its meaning. Each is invited to visit the suspicious Soldier Island by the unknown Owen family or an acquaintance from their past.

The guests have little in common until a recording is played that unearths a past that haunts each. Elderly Mr. and Mrs. Rogers are reminded of Miss Brady, the old woman who mysteriously died while in their care. The remorseless Anthony Martson was forced to remember the children he ran over with his car. Vera Claythorne was made to recall the death of Cyril, son of her employer, who drowned while under her care. Each crime could not be proven by the courts. One by one the characters are poisoned, bludgeoned, or murdered by an unknown suspect. Each one of Agatha Christie’s characters were uniquely mysterious.

Agatha Christie concocted a suspenseful plot for her mysterious characters to act within. The stage was set when the guests first saw Soldier Island. The suspense began to increase with the poisoning death of Anthony Martson. After Mrs. Rogers was discovered dead, the guests became nervous. They searched the island for the killer but then realized when they found nobody, the killer was one of them. As each character suspected the other, the suspense began to rise. Eventually, Vera Claythorne and Phillip Lombard was the only two guests on the island, leaving the reader to believe the killer was one of them.

After Vera shot Phillip and hung herself, the suspense came to a rise, leaving the reader to wonder who the killer was. Agatha Christie’s mystery novel, And Then There Were None was an incredible book because of the suspicious setting, mysterious characters and suspenseful plot. All characters arrived by different invitations but were thrown together by a masterful plot. The suspense rises when the recording is played accusing each of the guests of different crimes. The characters become uncertain about each other until the end of the book, where the killer is revealed. Agatha Christie is one of the best known mystery authors.

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And then there were none

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Agatha Christie the Queen of Mysteries Novels and author of And Then There Were None, used both types of conflicts and irony to teach the theme that justice will be served. Christie became the first grandmaster recognized by the Mystery Writers of America. Born as Agatha Christie May Clarissa Miller in Devon of England. Agatha was born September 15, 1890. She was raised in a seaside town in Devon called Torquay. Christie was the youngest of the family and was most likely alone a lot. Because of her loneliness she was very imaginative by creating playmates that to only her was real as people (“Christie, Agatha”, 176; Stade and Karbiener, 76). While growing up Christie was home schooled privately. She was home schooled right after…show more content…

Along with traveling Christie had other hobbies as well. Her main hobby was purchasing homes, furnishing them, live in them for a short period of time, and then just sell them. She loved writing in the desert because it was so quiet and there were no distractions, but when not writing she would help with the photography for the odyssey. She like the sun, trying strange food, swimming, going to the theatres, concerts, doing embroidery, cooking, flowers, reading, playing tennis, playing the piano, traveling, and go out into the sea. She doesn’t like the traveling by the sea when she is feeling sick. She also doesn’t like or her dislikes are the taste of alcohol and smoking. She hates crowds, wireless, gramophones, loud noises, and cinemas (kunitz, 280). Christie first book came to be known as “Golden Age” a mystery which was called The Mysterious Affair at Styles, she wrote when she was 30. She was very popular but she wrote six novels as Mary Westmacott and never achieved popularity. Later on she wanted to do more with her talent so she started writing plays. Further in her career she became queen of the “whodunit” which is a type of story in which the reader can puzzle out from clues which of the characters in the story is guilty of a murder. Her books has been translated into many languages and sold millions of copies worldwide (Stade and Karbiener 76;


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