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We believe that finding the right topic for your English essay is imperative for any college or university student. We offer you to explore our list of the most interesting English Essay topics and use them for your own benefit. Every essay consists of several parts, including introduction, essay body and conclusion. Essay’s essential element is the topic, which is the subject you are about to describe. Sometimes, essays are subdivided according to their themes into the following categories: definition essays, informative essays, narrative essays, opinion essays, persuasive essays etc.

50 basic English essay topics

We offer a list of 50 basic English essay topics that will be useful to anybody writing this type of academic papers.

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  1. The importance of education.
  2. A famous book you don’t appreciate at all.
  3. Juvenile criminals and possible improvements in penitentiary system.
  4. The official status of the language of a national minority.
  5. History as ‘the daughter of time’.
  6. Abortions and sex education.
  7. Gadgets as Christmas presents: the influence of the commerce on our children.
  8. The most wonderful experience in your life.
  9. The worst day in your life.
  10. The adult who has influenced you the most.
  11. Imagine you are an alien going to land on Earth. What would you do first?
  12. Should alcohol be forbidden or not and how? Provide examples from history.
  13. When Octavian saw Alexander the Great’s mummy, he broke its nose. Why? Give your own explanation.
  14. The most horrifying experience in your life.
  15. Imagine you are Sauron. How could you whitewash yourself and explain your deeds?
  16. The most interesting ways of pollination.
  17. Columbus and the role of his discovery.
  18. The margins between art and handmade.
  19. Do you believe Richard III to have killed his nephews?
  20. Should vaccination be cancelled or not?
  21. Should drugs become legal or not?
  22. Imagine you can alter one thing in your past. What would it be?
  23. There used to be a curse “May you live in a time of change”. How do you understand it?
  24. Archaeology: revealing secrets of the past or desecration of the graves.
  25. People say being indifferent is worse than hating. Give your opinion on the matter.
  26. Anti-feminists. Why do women struggle against their rights?
  27. Imagine you see our world for the very first time. What would amaze you the most?
  28. How tea is made.
  29. The brightest impression of your childhood.
  30. Your family traditions.
  31. Have you had any ambivalent, love-hate relationships?
  32. The morality in ‘Lolita’ by V. Nabokov;
  33. The real and the magical in ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel García Márquez;
  34. The Voynich manuscript: a riddle, a real codex or a mystification;
  35. Why do some countries still preserve monarchy;
  36. What would you do with a talking horse;
  37. Imagine you could ask anyone famous three questions. Who would it be and what questions would you ask? Explain your choice.
  38. What, in your opinion, is more important for a girl: to be pretty or to be smart? Provide examples from history and literature.
  39. The ways of preventing children abuse.
  40. Should secret cervices read our e-mails to defend us or not?
  41. Your favorite literature character.
  42. The possible historic explanations of the Trojan War.
  43. Do we still need diplomas nowadays to occupy a good position in society?
  44. What do you prefer: a career in one area or vast knowledge of different spheres? Explain your choice.
  45. Prophecies in “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury.
  46. What makes us human beings? Provide at least three reasons.
  47. What would you do if you were to become the president? What would you change in your country?
  48. Your hobby as the revelation of your nature.
  49. Imagine you have a time machine. What country and age would you like to go to? Why?
  50. Imagine you could change one thing about today. What would it be?

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Essay Topics

Following are different types of essay topics for students which are categorized in many sections so that you can easily chose the topic as per your need and requirement.


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